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SAPA's most important functions:

There are many functions that SAPA performs as part of its service delivery to its members and their clients.​​

Establishing and maintaining a healthy and profitable predator breeding and hunting industry promote and market a positive image of the predator breeding and hunting industry. Represent the interests of its members at provincial and national level; Correspond, Negotiate and Cooperate with provincial and national authorities in the formulating and execution of regulations Liaise with other associations and institutions to promote the aims of the Association .Promote and market a positive image of the predator breeding and hunting industry. SAPA  is a good source of industry news and information. These are made available to our members and clients. SAPA meetings and functions are a great opportunity to network with other role-players in the industry. SAPA negotiates with Government Departments on issues relevant to the Predator industry.

How do we help to create and sustain this complex macro-environment, keeping in mind that there are certain factors that are simply beyond our control? Our involvement is multifaceted. We monitor and consider all aspects that have an impact on our industry, on an ongoing basis, and then decide on strategies for dealing with them. The input of our members, particularly through active involvement in our regional meetings and AGM, is critical to our success. This environment must be sustainable, from a business perspective, in terms of our natural resources and in the socio-political arena. If we succeed in fulfilling this function, we are creating and maintaining a platform for our outfitters to grow their businesses. In turn, they will be in a position to employ more professional hunters and offer them more hunting days at better rates. This will help our young professional hunters to gain more experience, not only in hunting, but also in business, and will, in time, afford them the opportunity to become successful outfitters in their own right.

Finally, we convey the message to society that our industry is, in fact, relevant, significant and responsible. Many people out there simply do not know this. In performing these functions SAPA ensures that valuable contributions are being made to sustainable environmental development within South Africa. Performing  these functions ensures that sustainable livelihoods are maintained within remote and often poverty stricken areas of South Africa. Performing all these functions ensures that our members and clients will be able to run and maintain prosperous business that support the economy of South Africa. 

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