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SAPA intends to:

  • Co-ordinate and promote the interests of its members with the view of establishing and maintaining a healthy and profitable predator breeding and hunting industry in congruence with national and international conservation principles and current national and provincial legislation.

  • Represent the interests of its members at provincial and national level.

  • Cooperate with provincial and national authorities in the formulating and execution of regulations ensuring a healthy and sustainable predator breeding and hunting industry in South Africa.

  • Liaise with other associations and institutions with reconcilable aims to promote the aims of the Association and to promote or defend jointly in cases and matters concerning the interests of these associations.

  • Promote and market a positive image of the predator breeding and hunting industry.

SAPA Achievments (since 2012)

  • Establishment of South Africa Predator Association.

  • SAPA Norms and Standards for Hunting Ranch Lions.

  • Assessment of lion hunting destinations for accreditation.

  • Accreditation of a number of hunting destinations.

  • Establishment and implementation of  the marking system “tags” for hunting of ranch lions.

  • Establishment of DNA profiling databases for ranch lions - 1000 Lion samples in Databases.

  • Establishing "traceability" of Ranch lions.

  • Liaison with National Department of Environmental Affairs on the trade of lion and lion derivatives.

  • Liaison with Provincial Biodiversity Management Authorities through Wildlife forum meetings.

  • Comments and inputs in Provincial and National legislation managing the lion industry.

  • Draft Norms and Standards: Lion rearing and management. – In process with DAFF.

  • Involvement in Wild lion conservation project in Zimbabwe.

  • Bursary to University of North West: Lion Research.

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