The SAPA Code of Conduct

The South African Predator Association requires of its members to maintain high ethical standards, moral values and conduct. The following Code of Conduct will apply without exception and equivocation to all members.

Members consent to and are obliged to:

  1. Code of Conduct
    1. When representing SAPA in any way, behave in a manner that will not cause embarrassment or in any way harm the image of the Association or any of its members;
    2. At all times conduct business with regard to the keeping, breeding and hunting of predators in such a manner as to convey a positive image to the general public and interested parties;
    3. At all times act in a manner which is not in contravention of the Code of Conduct or any stipulation of the Constitution of the Association or relevant Codes or Best Practice principles adopted by the Association;
    4. At all times act in such manner that no action or dealings that may affect the Association can be construed as corrupt and/or dishonest;
    5. Not present false statements, be they oral or written, regarding the interests or operations of the Association;
    6. In the event of any dispute with the Association or any of its members, follow the correct channels and provide the required information necessary for the investigation and resolution thereof;
    7. Report any perceived misconduct by any member of the Association to the Executive in writing; and
    8. At all times act in the best interests of the Association and its members.
  2. Disciplinary Procedure

    The disciplinary procedure as described in the Constitution will be followed.
  3. Punitive Measures

    Punitive measures as described in the Constitution or alternate punitive measures decided by Council will be applied.
  4. Appeal
    1. Any member who believes he has been wrongfully found guilty of an offence has the right to appeal;
    2. Any appeal must be submitted to Council, in writing, no more than 14 days after the person was declared guilty by Council;
    3. All supporting documentation for the validation of the appeal must be submitted with the appeal;
    4. All appeals must be dealt with within 30 days of receipt thereof; and
    5. The decision of the Council regarding an appeal is final, be it upheld or set aside.


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